Healthiest Way – Lose Weight – 3 Ingredients

Look, don’t kid yourself into the belief that there is a miracle diet that will help shed weight quickly and then the weight will stay off. If that’s what you’re after, STOP reading.
For those that agree there is more to it, I intend to show you the healthiest way, lose weight and keep it off. It consists of 3 ingredients or keys.


Without proper nutrition, there is no diet. Diet = nutrition! Diet is not just some program you join to lose weight. A diet is a combination of all the foods and nutrients you feed your body. Start focusing on the right foods and the unhealthy ones will fade away. For starters, I recommend a pint of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Lemon Why? First, to hydrate and flush out the toxins that settled in your body overnight. Second, to get the metabolism going. Trust me, this works. And for some, I would make sure no one is occupying that sacred room in the house at this time.
Next, a nutritious breakfast. This is the best time of the day to get all your nutrients in. Fruit and vegetables take centre stage. I realise that for some this could be too time consuming. Good news, there are meal replacement shakes that you can whip up in seconds. Body Vi shakes Products like Body Vi Shakes provide key minerals and vitamins and come in simple to make form. You’d need to eat many bowl fulls of fruit and veg to get all the benefits of just one shake. To spice things up, you can add your favourite fruit or vegetables to the shakes – check them out for yourself (click here)! But if you do have the time, make yourself a salad or prepare a fresh juice by blending different fruit and vegetables.
Throw in some chia seeds whilst you’re at it.
One other recommended change – instead of consuming large quantities of potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods, try whole grains. Some of the top ones like quinoa, buckwheat or cornmeal are widely available in supermarkets or for better value, look for them online (Amazon sells them).
Just by making these few small changes, you will start finding more healthy ways to lose weight.


This is a killer to many, but exercise is a fundamental element of the healthiest way to lose weight. For your body to be healthy, it needs exercise. Good eating habits give the right fuel to the body, but it’s like putting performance fuel in your car and driving a mile down the road to the store and back once a week. Your body needs to move, to grow. HelpGetFitIn search of the best way to lose weight and keep it off, you will need to get into a habit of exercising. And no, I don’t mean to kill yourself with it either. Simple 30 minute runs 3 times a week (obviously, not at the beginning, start with one minute runs and 10 minute walks) will do. Or a bit of cycling. Whatever you do, make sure you do it at least 3 times a week. Kettlebells and planks are another good way to get your exercise in – and they only take a few minutes a day (read more about these exercises here). Checkout for other exercise ideas and step by step plans for starters.
Get into a habit of exercising and the weight will stay off.

The Mind

Our final ingredient which will provide the healthiest way to lose weight is the mind. You need to get yourself in the right mood. For what good will all your efforts with nutrition and exercise be, if at the end of the day, you will sneak in to that dark place and sabotage them. First, figure out the WHY? Why do you want to lose weight? Make sure it is a strong and deep reason. Losing weight, like most other activities, its success is determined in our own mind.
Listen to some motivational materials, read some inspiring books. They do not need to be about weight loss. For me, Anthony Robbins is one of the top gurus in this field. Check out his materials at
Much of this you can find for free. Click here for more ideas.

To conclude, the healthiest way to lose weight is not just about the food you consume (or don’t consume). It’s about combining the 3 ingredients which will bring success to finding the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Nutrition, exercise and the mind are the keys to your success!

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