Fun Ways To Lose Weight

Who says dieting has to be boring? Find fun ways, lose weight, and enjoy the process! That’s right, one of the more effective ways to lose weight is to make it exciting. How can this be done? Three key words: simple, quick and effective.


Take on a simple diet. KettlebellsNot one that requires strict regimes and a book to be at hand every time you want to eat something. The simpler the diet, the better. Take for instance meal replacement shakes. You can have one or two shakes per day, substituting a meal. It does not get simpler than that. You do not need to worry if you can eat a specific food or not, you simply make a shake.
Same principle goes for exercise. Do not fixate on difficult exercises, for which you would need an instructor. Do ones that are repetitive and easy to remember, like kettlebell swings or planks.
Are these not fun ways to lose weight?
Do you want more fun? Get your friends to join in. Get them to share your simple meals and exercises, motivate each other and push one another.


Again, very similar to the earlier principle of simplicity. Quick meals, ones that do not require long time to prepare. Body Vi shakesYou have a busy lifestyle, correct? Do you have an hour or two each day to prepare your meals? No, you don’t. That is why you so often opt for a takeaway or ready meals and hence you find yourself in this place, looking for a diet. Why not have a nutritious meal that takes a minute to make. No special preparation, no cooking. Quick to prepare, quick to consume and you are free to do whatever needs doing. Having friends over? Make some shakes for them too. Add different fruit to make different flavour combinations. Who says you need to slave in the kitchen for hours to host a party? Your friends will benefit too.
Exercises, make them quick as well. 3 – 4 times a week spend 5 – 10 minutes on simple exercises, but the kind that you will feel working – meaning ones that will get you sweating and pumping. I love running, but you need to develop a passion for it and dedicate time to it. Short and quick exercises can be as effective when it comes to weight loss.
One other key point. You want to start seeing results of your diet rather quickly. Not in one day, but one to two weeks. Not a huge change, but one that you will notice. Be it losing a few pounds or an few inches, a visible change on your face or by the clothes you are wearing. A quick noticeable change will drive you forward. No change will disempower you.


What good is a diet when it is not effective? Again, don’t expect miracles, but small signs should start appearing as you go along. If it is effective, you will lose some weight and feel better. If it is not effective, you will not feel good and the whole effort will be pointless. So pick a diet that you know will work. Body Vi shakes challengeDo you know someone that was on it? Are others talking about it? Have you seen effects of it? Those are some of the questions you should be asking. You can also make a diet more effective. The effectiveness of the diet is dependent on YOU! Make sure to set yourself a goal. Make it public to have more accountability. If you can start it with a friend or family member, you will have someone you can support and that will support you. Make it a challenge!
Chose exercises in the same way. What’s the point of working on your biceps, when it does nothing towards getting rid of fat? Remember what your goal was. You can work on toning the body later, for now, stick to losing weight!

Go on, find fun ways, lose weight and enjoy the process! Effective ways to lose weight don’t have to be boring, it is up to you to spice things up!
Please share your ideas and experiences here.

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