Food As a Performance Fuel

Performance Fuels For Cars

Have you ever filled up your car with a higher grade of fuel at a gas station? You’ve paid a premium price for this, correct? Now what happened after? CarYou drove away, went about your driving for a while and then came the next refill. How much difference did you notice? Did you get a significant increase in fuel efficiency? Was the ride considerably smoother? Did the engine make a different noise? I bet the difference was so minimal that you barely noticed it. Most likely, you thought it was a waste of the extra money and went back to using the same fuel you used before. Why? Because performance fuels do not make a difference in the short run. On the other hand, there are those people who use the fuel on regular basis. They too, sometimes put the cheaper fuel in, yet they will notice a difference quicker than those who ride on cheap fuel on regular basis. Performance fuels condition the engine, they give it that extra energy, that extra boost and endurance. They work over time. When a cheap fuel is added, the engine quickly recognises it. Riding on cheap fuel everyday, adding better fuel only once will not condition the engine and make real difference. Do you see where I am going with this?

Food To Fuel Body

Now let’s compare this analogy to our body and food. If we are used to eating unhealthy foods and introduce healthier foods for a couple of days, how will the body react? Will you be all of a sudden energised and healthy? No. Positive processes will start within the body (although sometimes they may appear as negative ones as the body starts cleansing the toxins) but time is needed to adjust and recondition. All the time we are using food to fuel the body, and like with cars, adding performance fuels only occasionally, we cannot expect to see a difference.

Use Performance Fuels

Are you looking for extra energy, and extra boost, better endurance? AlmondmilkIf yes, then you need to give your body better fuel – better food. Once it starts receiving it on regular basis, it will start performing on a higher level. These changes will not happen overnight. Weeks and months will be needed to condition the body, however, if you look back over a period of time you will see a considerable change. Even more interesting will be, once you get used to performance fuels, that when you put poor fuel in your body, you will receive clear signals that it is not a fuel of choice.

Treat your body the way it should be treated. Give it poor fuel and you will run into engine problems down the line, use proper food to fuel the body and it will run just fine for a long time!

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