Best Protein Shake Weight Loss

Shakes – Tasty Or Not?

What features would the best protein shake for weight loss need to posses? Think hard! Alright, let’s start with taste. Diets are usually perceived to be a difficult task. Reason being, we force ourselves to do things we don’t enjoy or limit things that we enjoy doing. Body Vi shakesDo you agree? Thought so. And it is for those reasons, that sooner or later we ditch the diet. Hence I start with taste for the best protein shake for weight loss.
Body Vi Shakes have an amazing taste. A great cookie dough flavour. Who does not enjoy one of those? But then you ask, won’t I get tired of the same taste? Solution, chocolate and strawberry flavour mix-ins! And that is only for those too lazy to take the extra 15 seconds to add other things like bananas, blueberries, cherries, or if you are like me and into your health foods – spinach or avocado! Coffee shakesYes, the taste is amazing on its own and even better with the endless possibilities of adding other fruit or vegetables in. Or coffee!!! Mmmmm, how about that for breakfast, a coffee flavoured shake!


Body Vi Shakes are very affordable. Remember, they replace a meal. How much do you spend on your breakfast? Have you got that figure? Forget breakfast, how much would a coffee cost you at Starbucks? Well, Body Vi Shakes cost less! For under $2 you get a full, nutritious meal – a tasty meal at that! Forget an expensive weight loss diet plan. Try the affordable Body Vi Shakes.

The Final Ingredient

We covered two out of three most important elements for the best protein shake for weight loss. Now the final and key point. Does it work? I sure think so. Body Vi shakesPersonally, I lost over 10lbs and 3 inches off my waist. A close friend of mine lost 20lbs. Another friend who did not even tell me that he is looking to lose weight lost 30lbs in 6 weeks. There are thousands of success stories. Will I keep it off, you ask? My weight and waist size has been same for over 6 months now. All I do is have 1 shake a day to help me maintain it (I recommend to have 2 a day when you are on a mission to shed weight).

My recommendation for the best protein shake to help shed weight are Body Vi Shakes. Click here to find out more.

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