Alkaline Diet List

With the abundance of information online dealing with alkaline diet, or acid alkaline diet as it is also know by, it is proving very difficult to find simple relevant information when it comes to alkaline diet food list.

What Is Acid Alkaline Balance Diet?

Different terminologies are used to describe the same concept, the basis of which is the effect of foods on our blood pH Blood pHlevels. No one single alkaline diet exists, as it is more of a concept rather than a strict set of rules to follow. As our normal blood pH is slightly alkaline, the theory is that our diet (nutrition) should reflect this. Acidic blood leads to infections and fosters disease. Read more here on the topic:

Alkaline Diet Food List

The list of alkaline as well as acidic foods is extensive (in reality, it covers all the foods).Alkaline Diet Food List Rather than concentrating on the entire list, I suggest focusing on just a few items – especially those beneficial ones. Once you start eating more alkaline foods, the less of acidic ones you will have room for – is that not true? Remember also, that the optimum ratio of 80:20 (alkaline:acidic) needs only to be achieved if fighting off infections or diseases – a 60:40 ratio is more realistic and keeps in good health. I recommend visiting Alkaline Sisters for a broader chart

Everyday Foods

Alkaline Diet Food ListLemon – although we associate lemon with being acidic, it is in fact alkaline when digested. Add lemon juice to your water, to salads and other meals.

Spinach – alkaline when raw or blanched (do not cook as it becomes acidic). Great in salads, on a sandwich or blended in a shake.

Alkaline Diet Food ListCarrot – preferably raw as sugars are released when cooked.

Avocado – rich in protein and good fats. Tasty on its own, great in shakes and in salads.

Almonds – both almonds and almond milk are very nutritious and great snacks.

Soy – beans, nuts, sprouted, soy milk – whatever form, it is good.

Alkaline Diet Food ListCucumber – probably one of the most underrated fruits, it’s very alkaline and full of minerals.

Tomatoes – very versatile and present in most dishes.

Lentils – a healthy substitute for rice or pasta.

These are only a few foods that are alkaline, however, they are present in our everyday diets. All that needs to be done is building a menu around these foods rather than them being just an addition to other foods. Wider information on alkaline diet and alkaline diet food list can be found here:

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Although not usually considered to be a weight loss diet, an alkaline diet will aid in losing weight. Reason being, more processed foods will be eliminated and richer foods introduced. So do consider an alkaline diet as your weight loss diet plan. It is less restrictive than most diets and focuses more on what you should eat rather than what you shouldn’t. Once you fill up on healthy and nutritious foods, you will simply have no room for the unhealthy and acidic foods, do you agree?

I invite you to share your recipes and ideas about alkaline foods as well as sites where more information on the topic can be found.

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Alkaline Diet Food List
Alkaline diet food list consists of alkaline as well as acidic foods and is extensive (in reality, it covers all the foods).

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