90 Day Challenge – The Zombies Are Coming

90 Day Challenge

What if this was true. In 90 days, the zombies would come. Would you be able to outrun them? Your life depends on it! Running is the best exercise to lose weight because once you catch the running bug, you will keep on running and stay in shape. Those who often run lose weight!

Why 90 Days?

Zombie Run 2014 – many of these runs are in the Fall, meaning you have 90 days to get in shape! Coincidently, the Body By Vi Challenge lasts 90 days! How great is that? Body By Vi ChallengeYou can train for a fun event, lose weight, get your friends to join you, get fitter, get your product for FREE and most importantly, survive the zombie invasion!

Zombie Run 2014

Think of it in another way, the zombie is within you. It is that something that is holding you back. It’s got its hands clasped around your arm. It’s going for the kill. You have a chance to break free. Release yourself from the zombies and make a new, healthy start to your life. The race holds more symbolism than meets the eye. A 5k run (as most of these are that distance) is achievable by anybody in 90 days. Running is the best exercise to lose weight and combined with nutritious Body Vi shakes, will transform your life.

How To Get Started?

First, visit The Challenge website by clicking here! Next, decide what your challenge will be – I recommend Zombie Run 2014 – Zombie run 2014it’s fun, it’s achievable and you can get your friends involved for extra support. Finally, announce your intentions to the the world – that will keep you motivated to prove to everyone that you are capable of achieving your goals!

Remember, those who often run lose weight as running is the best exercise to lose weight! Body Vi shakes provide the fuel needed for your runs and assist in the weight loss process. Make the 90 days count as if your life depended on it – the zombies would love to prove you wrong come the Fall!

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